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Barlages win Reno tourney

The top three teams in the Lake Reno tournament were Jeremy Opatz and Brad Hietzman (left two) in second, Mark Barlage and Brad Barlage (middle) in first, and Bob Bugher and Terry Narveson in third.

A total of 53 teams came to Lake Reno this past weekend for the lake’s 2014 walleye tournament with plenty of fish being brought in for the weigh-in.

The team of Mark and Ben Barlage won the tournament after weighing in with a six-fish total of 20.8 pounds. Jeremy Opatz and Brad Hietzman took second with a total weight of 18.62 pounds, while Terry Narveson and Bob Bugher rounded out the top three teams with a weight of 18.6.

Anglers were doing a lot of jigging with shiner minnows, while nightcrawlers and leeches on Lindy Rigs also caught a lot of fish.


TOP NINE TEAMS – 1. M. Barlage, B. Barlage – six fish, 20.8 pounds; 2. Opatz, Hietzman – six fish, 18.62 pounds; 3. Narveson, Bugher – six fish, 18.6 pounds; 4. Tait Blair, Scott Blair – six fish, 18.44 pounds; 5. Chet Blascziek, Allen Johannes – six fish, 18.3 pounds; 6. Greg Eigen, Troy Knutson – six fish, 18.16 pounds; 7. Dale Welinski, Brandon Welinski – six fish, 18.14 pounds; 8. Andy Langner, Ben Luethmers – six fish, 18.12 pounds; 9. Kenny Neuman, Jack Gringo – six fish, 18.1 pounds