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Coyote can’t ruin this turkey hunt

Jim Hartman poses with a turkey he shot near Forada on April 21. (Contributed)

Jim Hartman got out to his hunting spot northeast of Forada at about 5:30 a.m. on April 21, the first day of the second turkey hunting season in Minnesota, where he set up a couple decoys.

Toms started gobbling from the roost not far away just before 6. As Hartman was answering them back with his call, a coyote attacked one of the decoys he had set up.

“I thought the hunt was possibly ruined as the coyote ran in the direction of the birds,” he said. “A few minutes later, I saw the turkeys fly down and was able to harvest a Tom.”

Hartman said the bird weighed 15.5 pounds dressed and thanked the local landowner for letting him hunt the property.