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Stromberg wins Chain of Lakes Triathloon

Cold and wet conditions greeted participants of the 11th annual Chain of Lakes Triathlon on May 4, but Marcus Stromberg battled it to finish first overall in a time of 0:59.52.

The 36-year-old from Buffalo beat out Joe Schneiderhan of Alexandria and David Lewis of Nevis, who finished second and third in the overall male race, respectively. Schneiderhan crossed the finish line in 1:01.51 and Lewis wasn't far behind at 1:02.41.

Former Alexandria Cardinals swimmer Angie Hop, now of Rosemount, won the overall female division in a time of 1:11.41. The fastest Alexandria finisher in that division was Heather Scholl in a time of 1:19.00.

Tom Pahl, Nancy Runge and Pam Carlson comprised the top Alexandria relay team. They finished in a time of 1:12.33, more than four minutes faster than any other local competitors in the relay.


OVERALL FEMALE TOP THREE - Hop, 42, Rosemount - first place, 1:11.41; Chelsea Jenson, 25, Minneapolis - second place, 1:12.33; Jody Mullet, 25, Chaska - third place, 1:13.56

OVERALL MALE RESULTS - Marcus Stromberg, 36, Buffalo - first place, 59.52; Joe Schneiderhan, 47, Alexandria - second place, 1:01.51; David Lewis, 38, Nevis - third place, 1:02.41

TOP THREE ALEXANDRIA AREA MALE FINISHERS - Schneiderhan - first; Troy Hocum, 43, Alexandria - 1:06.54; Brian Storhaug, 22, Alexandria - 1:06.58

TOP THREE ALEXANDRIA AREA FEMALE FINISHERS - Heather Scholl, 41, Alexandria - 1:19.00; Dawn Tolifson, 40, Alexandria - 1:31.38; Tess Boucher, 19, Alexandria - 1:34.15

TOP THREE ALEXANDRIA AREA RELAYS - Pahl, Runge, Carlson - first place, 1:12.33; Patrick Chromey, Mark Chromey, Patrick Chromey - second place, 1:16.55; Kelly Bumgarner, Vicki Johnston, Aaron Bumgarner - third place, 1:19.28

Eric Morken

Eric Morken is the sports and outdoor editor at the Echo Press and Osakis Review newspapers in Douglas County, MN. Follow him on Twitter at echo_sports.

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