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AFSC skaters compete in three events

Members of the Alexandria Figure Skating Club who competed at Duluth were, left to right, Madeline Hartwell, Analea Sheets, Ramsey Burss and Amy Linden. (Contributed)1 / 3
Amanda Bergerson and Mariah Fults competed at Watertown. (Contributed)2 / 3
Alexandria Figure Skating Club members who competed at Fergus Falls include, left to right, Madeline Hartwell, Hunter Mohr, Brittany Korkowski, Dulce Bakker, Maci Tilleskjor, Mariah Fults, Kaidra Hovde, Ijeoma McCarthy, Emma Bugher. Not pictured, Amy Linden. (Contributed)3 / 3

Alexandria Figure Skating Club members have been busy recently, competing at Duluth, Watertown and Fergus Falls.

In the Duluth competition, Madeline Hartwell received a first place in the Beginner compulsory division, while at Watertown, Mariah Fults was first in Freeskate 3 division for freeskate.

At Fergus Falls, Amy Linden brought home a first in Pre-Preliminary compulsory, Ijeoma McCarthy was first in Basic 5 compulsory, Hunter Mohr was first in Basic 4 interpretive and Emmalee Bugher was first in Basic 4 interpretive.




MADELINE HARTWELL, BEGINNER - compulsory 1st; freeskate 6th.

RAMSEY BURSS, PRE-PRELIMINARY - compulsory 4th, freeskate 5th, jumps 4th.

ALSO COMPETING - Amy Linden, Pre-Preliminary; Analea Sheets, Juvenile; Morgan Hess, Intermediate.


AMANDA BERGERSON, BASIC 3 - compulsory 2nd; freeskate 2nd; interpretive 3rd.

MARIAH FULTS, FREESKATE 3 - compulsory 2nd; freeskate 1st; all-around 4th.


AMY LINDEN, PRE-PRELIMINARY - compulsory 1st; freeskate 2nd.

KAIDRA HOVDE, PRE-PRELIMINARY - compulsory 4th; freeskate 5th.

MACI TILLESKJOR, BEGINNER - compulsory 3rd; freeskate 2nd.

MADELINE HARTWELL, BEGINNER - compulsory 4th; freeskate 5th.

MARIAH FULTS, FREESKATE 1 - compulsory 3rd; freeskate 4th; interpretive 3rd.

DULCE BAKKER, BASIC 7 - compulsory 4th; freeskate 3rd; interpretive, 2nd.

IJEOMA MCCARTHY, BASIC 5 - compulsory 1st; freeskate 4th.

HUNTER MOHR, BASIC 4 - compulsory 2nd; freeskate 1st.

EMMALEE BUGHER, BASIC 4 - compulsory 2nd; freeskate 1st.

BRITTANY KORKOWSKI, BASIC 7 - freeskate 3rd.


Alexandria Figure Skating Club Battle of the Blades


Saturday, March 16, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.


Runestone Community Center, Alexandria