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Blizzard hockey: Alexandria falls in home finale

Richie Brown, center, was knocked to the ice as he tried to slap the puck past the Twin City goal Friday night. Brown was unable to score and the Blizzard fell to the Steel 2-1 in their final regular home game of the year. (Lori Mork, Echo Press)

Alexandria dropped its regular season game Friday night to the Twin City Steel in the Blizzard's final home game of the year before heading out to the Michigan showcase, winning two of three.

Alexandria will head to North Iowa tonight, Friday.

Twin City 2, Alexandria 1

After tying the game at one apiece, Twin City scored at the 12:24 mark of the third period, giving the Steel just enough for a win over the Blizzard Friday night.

An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Levi Erickson of the Blizzard allowed the Steel to get the go-ahead goal by Tom Bartel.

Zach Randall scored the first goal of the game in the second period, but Alexandria tied things up as Chayce Coenen scored at 4:58 in the third period.

Dom DeGuisseppi stopped 18 of the 20 shots sent his way in goal for the Blizzard. Alexandria outshot the Steel 39-20.


TWIN CITY 0 1 1 -- 2

BLIZZARD 0 0 1 -- 1


No scoring.


TC - Zach Randell (Ryan McAloon, Kegan Storjohann) 13:13.


ALEX - Chayce Coenen (Garrett Skinner, Richie Brown) 4:58, TC - Tom Bartel, pp (Shane Hill, A.J. Merritt) 12:24.

SHOTS ON GOAL - Twin City 4-5-11--20, Alexandria 16-9-14--39.

GOALIE SAVES - Parker Butler, TC, 38; Dom DeGuisseppi, Alex, 18.

PENALTIES - Twin City 24 minutes on 8 infractions; Alexandria 38 minutes on 11 infractions.

FIRST STAR - Chayce Coenen, Alexandria. SECOND STAR - Tanner Duffney, Alexandria. THIRD STAR - Garrett Skinner, Alexandria.

Showcase tournament

Blizzard 5, Michigan 2

A goal and an assist by Tanner Duffney led the Blizzard in their first game of the showcase as Alexandria defeated the Michigan Mountain Cats 5-2.

Austin Rudnick picked up goal, as did Danny Pelzer, Sergey Erileev and Mick Dhein.

The Blizzard was also perfect on its penalty kill, not allowing a goal on four power plays by the Mountain Cats.

DeGuisseppi picked up the win in goal, stopping 26 shots.

Flint 3, Blizzard 1

Alexandria scored first against Flint as Ian Ecklund scored on an assist by Kyle Kunz just 37 seconds into the first period, but the Junior Generals came back with three unanswered scores for the win.

The Blizzard had four power play opportunities, but were unable to find the net on any. Alexandria outshot Flint 40-28.

DeGuisseppi took the loss in goal, stopping 23 of the 26 shots sent his way.

Alexandria 7, Battle Creek 4

A hat trick by Chayce Coenen sparked the Blizzard's comeback win over Battle Creek Wednesday morning in a 7-4 win.

Ecklund opened Alexandria's scoring in the first period, with Coenen adding a goal at 10:14 to leave the Blizzard in lead 2-0 at the end of one.

The Revolution came back with three goals in the second period, holding Alexandria scoreless, then made it 4-2 with an early third period goal, but the Blizzard came back with a vengeance, scoring five unanswered.

Coenen was a big part of that third period rally as he added goals at 7:53 and 11:27.

Two of those third period goals came from Alexandria's Danny Pelzer, including one on a power play, with Duffney also scoring on a power play opportunity.

Sam Goetsch earned the win as he turned away 23 shots for the Blizzard, who outshot Battle Creek 60-27.


ALEXANDRIA 1 1 3 -- 5

MICHIGAN 0 2 0 -- 2


ALEX - Danny Pelzer (Tanner Duffney) 9:45.


ALEX - Sergey Erileev (Bryce Mitzel) 4:24, M - Marshall Helton (Guy Souliere, Kade Morrison) 6:43, M - Austin Sartorius (Christpher Williams, Bryan Davis) 15:52.


ALEX - Tanner Duffney (Ricky Seidel) 5:14, ALEX - Austin Rudnick, pp (Garrett Skinner, Ricky Seidel) 8:47, ALEX - Mick Dhein (Spencer Peratalo) 14:55.

SHOTS ON GOAL - Alexandria - 15-9-16--40, Michigan 9-13-6--28.

GOALIE SAVES - Dom DeGuisseppi, Alex, 26; Dominic Juncaj, Mich, 35.

PENALTIES - Alexandria 18 minutes on 5 infractions, Michigan 8 minutes on 4 infractions.


FLINT 0 3 0 -- 3

ALEXANDRIA 1 0 0 -- 1


ALEX - Ian Ecklund (Kyle Kuntz) 0:37.


FLINT - Eric Jones (Andrew Lay, Adrian Larsson) 4:29, FLINT - Nicholas Goettel (Andrew Lay, Jacob Peacock) 4:59, FLINT - Nicholas Gnagni, pp (Andrew Lay, Jacob Howie) 14:51.


No scoring.

SHOTS ON GOAL - Flint 10-9-7--26, Alexandria 13-12-10--35.

GOALIE SAVES - Anders Franke, Flint, 34; Dom DeGuisseppi, Alex, 23.

PENALTIES - Flint 10 minutes on 5 infractions, Alexandria 34 minutes on 9 infractions.


BATTLE CREEK 0 3 1 -- 4

ALEXANDRIA 2 0 5 -- 7


ALEX - Ian Ecklund (Tanner Duffney, Danny Pelzer) 3:47, ALEX - Chayce Coenen, pp (Karson Kuntz, Garrett Skinner) 10:14.


BC - Trevor Clark (James Romberger, Zach Rees) 13:23, BC - Cory Markovich (Austin Hill, Jacob Rosek) 14:14, BC - Trevor Clark (Kyle Ware) 18:57.


BC - James Romberger, pp (Trevor Clark, Austin Hill) 3:18, ALEX - Chayce Coenen, sh (Tanner Duffney, Danny Pelzer) 7:53, ALEX - Chayce Coenen (Garrett Skinner, Ricky Seidel) 11:27, ALEX - Danny Pelzer (Garrett Skinner, Ricky Seidel) 16:39, ALEX - Tanner Duffney, pp (Chayce Coenen, Austin Rudnick) 18:44, ALEX - Danny Pelzer, pp (Garrett Skinner, Kyle Kuntz) 19:12.

SHOTS ON GOAL - Battle Creek 10-10-7--27, Alexandria 18-18-24--60.

GOALIE SAVES - Matthew Hughes, BC, 53; Sam Goetsch, Alex, 23.

PENALTIES - Battle Creek 26 minutes on 8 infractions, Alexandria 34 minutes on 9 infractions.