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Golf: Fall Club tournament winners

Six players claimed top honors in the Scott Dirck Junior Fall Club tournament at the Geneva Golf Club that also saw players from Chris Foley's Golf Schools in Brainerd and Brad Pluth Golf School in Chaska all competing.

Winning the boys' 10-12 division was Elliot Amundson, while Rachel Halvorsen won the girls' 10-12 division. Brett Buckingham won the boys' 13-15 division ; Bridget Amundson won the girls 13-15 division; Nick Brundell won the boys' 16-18 division and Amanda Bigger won the girls' 16-18 division.



BOYS' 10-12 DIVISION: 1. Elliot Amundson, 2. Noah Boraas, 3. Joe Bigger.

GIRLS' 10-12 DIVISION: 1. Rachel Halvorsen.

BOYS' 13-15 DIVISION: 1. Brett Buckingham, 2. Austin VanSytzama, 3. Justin Nelson.

GIRLS' 13-15 DIVISION: 1. Bridget Amundson, 2. Lauren Stockmoe.

BOYS' 16-18 DIVISION: 1. Nick Brundell, 2. Brady Hafdal, 3. Wes Dickhaus.

GIRLS' 16-18 DIVISION: 1. Amanda Bigger, 2. Hailey Abel, 3. Emma Thompson.