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Eagles Horseshoe League season champs

The final league results for the Eagles Horseshoe League found Jeff Thompson and Jack Petrillo in first place as Thompson pitched 2,400 shoes with 491 ringers for a total of 2,767 points. Petrillo pitched 2,250 shoes for 288 ringers and a total of 2,266 points.

The second place team of Jerry Zastrow and Judy Carlson saw Zastrow pitch 2,100 shoes for 433 ringers and 2,161 total points, while Carlson pitched 2,550 shoes for 280 ringers and 2,156 total points.

The third place team of Stacy Hager and Jeff Saiko saw Hager pitch 2,250 shoes for 368 ringers and 2,357 total points, while Saiko pitched 2,400 shoes for 89 ringers and 1,015 total points.