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Viking Speedway: Flaten wins Jerry Kluver Memorial

On a night where Modified legends Dave Storck and Scott Hillig were inducted into the Viking Speedway Hall of Fame, the Alexandria Refrigeration WISSOTA Super Stocks took center stage in a battle for the $1,000 payday as part of the Jerry Kluver Memorial.

When the dust settled, Hancock pilot Jeff Flaten reigned supreme and picked up the large payday, along with the traveling trophy.

Other drivers finding their way to victory lane during WISSOTA AMSOIL Dirt Track series action included: Travis Saurer in the Sower Power WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Justin Tammen in the Extreme Auto WISSOTA Street Stocks, Jason Thoennes in the Morris Auto Plaza WISSOTA Modifieds, and Todd Frank in the Marthaler Chevrolet WISSOTA Late Models. The night's festivities were sponsored by Winning Edge Graphics, Pro Fab, and Alex Rubbish all off Alexandria. There was also extra money added to the purse by Beck's Radiator of Alexandria.

This week is a busy one at the half-mile track located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Alexandria. The track will hosted two nights of demo derby action Thursday and Friday as part of the Douglas County Fair. On Saturday night, all five WISSOTA divisions will be back in action with the races beginning at 6 p.m.

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FEATURE - 1. Todd Frank, 21, Mellen, WI, 2. Jeremy Keller, 11K, Mandan, ND, 3. Jeff Wildung, 50, Nassau, 4. Shaun Peterson, 32, Alexandria, 5. Brad Parson, 44P, Morris, 6. Scott Lehn, 21L, Albany, 7. Rick Nelson, 12N, Alexandria, 8. Clarence Washburn, 3, NA, 9. Matthew Jarvis, 41A, Grand Forks, ND, 10. Zach Johnson, 73, Kensington, 11. Billy Michaelsohn, 8, West Fargo, ND, 12. Mike Balcaen, 10B, Winnipeg, MB.

HEAT 1 - Wildung, Peterson, Keller, Parson, Nelson, Michaelsohn.

HEAT 2 - Johnson, Frank, Lehn, Washburn, Jarvis, Balcaen.


FEATURE - 1. Travis Saurer, 21X, Elizabeth, 2. William Lund, 27, Brandon, 3. Dustin Bitzan, 10B, Brandon, 4. Travis Vanderby, 15, Alexandria, 5. Sahwn Olson, 32, Alexandria, 6. Ryan Schleusner, 97S, Hector, 7. Zach Hintermeister, 16H, Brandon, 8. Tyler Vanderby, 37, Glenwood, 9. Justin Froemming, 33X, Garfield, 10. Randy Laage, EZ-1, Brooten, 11. Ronald Saurer, 42, Dalton, 12. Chris Mensen, 53, Alexandria, 13. Jamie Thorstad, 34, Morris, 14. Kyle Schmidt, 7S, NA, 15. Dan Rice, 7, Villard, 16. Tim Mensen, 59, Alexandria, 17. Casey Arneson, 2A, Fargo, ND, 18. Kelly Haack, 28H, Kensington, 19. Todd Berg, 20, Starbuck, 20. Dustin Karl, 15K, Osakis.

HEAT 1 - Tr. Saurer, Olson, Bitzan, Schleusner, Schmidt, Rice, Mensen.

HEAT 2 - Lund, Thorstad, Hintermeister, Berg, Karl, Vanderby, Laage.

HEAT 3 - R. Saurer, Mensen, Arneson, Froemming, Haack, Vanderby.


FEATURE - 1. Jason Thoennes, 52, Garfield, 2. Dave Schroeder, 18S, Glenwood, 3. Jake Wildman, 99W, Glenwood, 4. Josh Thoennes, 51, Carlos, 5. Brady Gerdes, 2X, Villard, 6. Dennis Bitzan, 10X, Farwell, 7. Blake Jegtvig, 2J, Hawley, 8. Travis Saurer, 21X, Elizabeth, 9. Austin Arneson, 10, Fargo, ND, 10. Mike Storck, 75, Morris, 11. Dwayne Clarke, 6X, Alexandria, 12. Kyle Koehntop, 1K, Morris, 13. Robert Gierke, 26, Villard, 14. Dallas Gulbrandson, 1G, Alexandria, 15. Logan Atkinson, 21, Little Falls, 16. Peter Loecken, 97, Roscoe, 17. Jason Blascyk, 1B, Kensington.

HEAT 1 - Jo. Thoennes, Gierke, Wildman, Storck, Clarke, Bitzan, Loecken, Koehntop, Blascyk.

HEAT 2 - Gerdes, Arneson, Ja. Thoennes, Schroeder, Jegtvig, Gulbrandson, Atkinson, Saurer.


FEATURE - 1. Justin Tammen, 71, Clara City, 2. Gary Reents, 1, Villard, 3. Ryan Pommerer, 5P, Oriska, ND, 4. Mark Blom, 6X, Glenwood, 5. Adam Burrows, 18B, West Fargo, ND, 6. Andrew Bangsund, 70, Alexandria, 7. Chris Winter, 31, Hoffman, 8. Tiffany Maus-Krippner, 8, Kimball, 9. Ryan Satter, 67, NA, 10. Tim Jodsaas, 33J, Alexandria, 11. Preston Fryer, 19, NA, 12. Tyler Spanswick, 15, Osakis, 13. Brett Miller, 33M, Alexandria.

HEAT 1 - Miller, Blom, Tammen, Bangsund, Spanswick, Fryer, Winter.

HEAT 2 - Jodsaas, Maus-Krippner, Reents, Burrows, Pommerer, Satter.


FEATURE - 1. Jeff Flaten, 15F, Hancock, 2. Cory Tammen, 71X, Fargo, ND, 3. Jeff Crouse, 29*, Alexandria, 4. Josh Anderson, 1, New Brighton, 5. Trevor Saurer, 21, Dalton, 6. Larry Lund, 54, Brandon, 7. Gunnar Watkins, 2G, Elk Mound, WI, 8. Matt Miller, 13M, Glenwood, 9. Jon Stepan, 3S, Brandon, 10. Jeff Kluver, 19K, Alexandria, 11. Dominic Baker, 9, Osakis, 12. Derrick Lemke, 31X, Sauk Centre, 13. Mike Peterson, 1P, Dawson, 14. Nick Schipke, 33N, Aberdeen, SD, 15. Cody Lee, 50, Starbuck, 16. Alan Johnson, 22, Osakis, 17. Scott Horn, 24, Wadena, 18. Aaron Leininger, 7WW, Rothsay.

HEAT 1 - Stepan, Kluver, Lund, Lemke, Schipke, Watkins.

HEAT 2 - Crouse, Johnson, Tammen, Tre. Saurer, Miller, Leininger.

HEAT 3 - Flaten, Lee, Peterson, Anderson, Horn, Baker.