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Resorters Golf Tournament: Three balls, 125 yards out, one winner

More than 90 balls rained down on the green of hole 9 during the 2012 Resorter's closest to the pin contest on Tuesday night.

The 30 or so participants, many of whom wore no shoes, were each given three balls to hit from 125 yards out. Their goal: see who can get closest.

Using anything from full swings with woods, to punch shots with irons, some balls landed close to the cup while others buried themselves in the rough surrounding the green.

With only a few feet separating each ball, Tyler Bloedorn of Alexandria was ruled the Men's Division winner with five feet nine inches away from the hole, followed closely by Tanner Gustafson of Alexandria who was six feet five inches away. Brian Robley of Alexandria got third with eight feet four inches. Nick Adams of Maple Grove got fourth with 10 feet four inches and Jacob Bigger of Alexandria got fifth with 14 feet one inch.

In the Junior Division Logan Dubé of Hastings got first with eight feet two inches from the pin, Grant Rebrovich of Alexandria got second with 12 feet two inches and Nate Adams of Maple Grove got third with 16 feet five inches.

Though the finalists took their victories joyously, as the sun began to set and the contest came to a close, they began to prepare themselves for the rounds ahead.