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Special Olympics gymnasts at State Summer Games

Rhythmic gynmasts that competed at the State Special Olympics Summer Games recently included head coach Karyn Sportel, Heidi Goodin, Heather Botner, Natasha Randall, athlete-as-coach Allyson Estes, Sarah Abbott, Pam Thul and coach Deb Braud. (Contributed photo)

The Alexandria Area Special Olympics Gymnastics Club sent 12 athletes to the 2012 State Summer Games in either rhythmic or artistic competition, competing in their own gender, age and skill level.

The Alex team also participated in the opening ceremonies at Stillwater High School, enjoying a BMX demonstration, music, an address by the president of Special Olympics Minnesota, law enforcement torch run and the lighting of the Olympic torch.

The Alexandria Area gymnastics team is coached by Karyn Sportel, Deb Braud, Taylor Kaufman and athlete-as-coach Allyson Estes. Home gym for the team is Lakes Area Gymnastics.

The Area 4 golf meet at Nordic Trails yesterday, Thursday.



HOOP - Sara Abbott and Natasha Rand, gold; Heather Botner, silver; Heidi Goodin, bronze.

BALL - Natasha Randall and Pam Thull, gold; Heather Botner, silver; Sara Abbott and Heidi Goodin, bronze.

RIBBON - Sara Abbott, silver; Pam Thul, 4th place.

ROPE - Natasha Randall and Sara Abbott, gold; Pam Thull, silver; Heather Botner and Heidi Goodin, bronze.

ALL-AROUND - Pam Thull, gold.


UNEVEN PARALLEL BARS - Crystal Krohnfeldt and Amanda Nelson, gold; Nicole Anderson and Ileesha Mercer, silver; Stephanie Braud, 5th.

BALANCE BEAM - Nicole Anderson, Crystal Krohnfeldt and Amanda Nelson, gold; Ileesha Mercer, silver; Stephanie Braud and Abigail Neale, bronze; Hannah Poshek, 5th place.

VAULT - Nicole Anderson, Crystal Krohnfeldt and Amanda Nelson, gold; Abigail Neale, silver; Ileesha Mercer, bronze; Stephanie Braud and Hannah Poshek, 5th place.

FLOOR EXERCISE - Nicole Anderson, gold; Crystal Krohnfeldt and Amanda Nelson, silver; Ileesha Mercer, bronze; Stephanie Braud, 5th place.

ALL-AROUND - Nicole Anderson and Crystal Krohnfeldt, gold; Amanda Nelson, silver; Stephanie Braud, bronze.