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Ashby wins in three sets over Hillcrest

After a week-long layoff, the Ashby volleyball team took to the court for a three-set victory over Hillcrest.

Head coach Andrea Knick said she was happy the Arrows won a three set match, but they still have to focus on keeping their intensity up during play.

“But there were a lot of unforced errors on our side of the net that we just have to get under control,” Knick said. “We need to learn how to play our game, instead of playing to the other team’s strengths, whoever we are playing.”

Alexis Ness led the Arrows’ attack with seven kills and two blocks. Amber Sundal had 10 assists against Hillcrest and Madison Van Santen had 15.

Ashby is now 2-2 in the conference and 4-5 overall.