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Alexandria beats Willmar for two-meet win streak

The Alexandria girls swimming and diving team is now on a two-meet winning streak after beating Rocori 109-77 last Thursday in Alexandria.

Head coach Mark Storhaug said the Cardinals posted nine season bests in the victory over Rocori, including two by Macy Hatlestad and Kate LeBrasseur.

“The biggest improvements came from LeBrasseur in the [butterfly] and Mikayla Meece in the [backstroke], both shaving two seconds off their previous bests this season,” Storhaug said.

The Cardinals had 10 first place finishes in 12 events against Rocori. Multiple event winners included Megan Bristow and LeBrasseur. Bristow finished the 200-yard freestyle varsity in first place with a time of 2:12.71 and the 500-yard freestyle in first with a time of 5:56.36. LeBrasseur finished first in the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 1:04.57 and in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 1:06.94.

Other first place finishes came from Macy Hatlestad in the 50-yard freestyle, Jenna Kremer in diving, Madalyn Winger in the 100-yard freestyle and Hannah Eklund in the 100-yard breaststroke.

The Cardinals 400-yard freestyle relay team also won against Rocori.

The next meet for the Cardinals is this Thursday at home against Willmar.



ALEXANDRIA SCORERS – 200-YARD MEDLEY RELAY – Second place – Kate LeBrasseur, Hannah Eklund, Madalyn Winger, Heidi Moe (2:03.87); Third place – Bailey Serum, Hannah Lindgren, Jaylen Olson-Rodel, Jenna Kremer (2:10.66)

200-YARD FREESTYLE – First place – Megan Bristow (2:12.71); fourth place – Ally Timm (2:19.95)

200-YARD INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY RELAY – Second place – Madalyn Winger (2:28.56); Third place – Hannah Eklund (2:32.72)

50-YARD FREESTYLE – First place – Macy Hatlestad (27.79); Third place – Jaylen Olson-Rodel (28.28; Fourth place – Heidi Moe (28.42)

100-YARD BUTTERFLY – First place – Kate LeBrasseur (1:04.57); Fourth place – Jaylen Olson-Rodel (1:12.33)

100-YARD FREESTYLE – First place – Madalyn Winger – 1:00.18; Third place – Heidi Moe (1:01.87), Macy Hatlestad (1:01.87)

500-YARD FREESTYLE – First place – Megan Bristow (5:56.36); Third place – Hannah Lindgren (6:15.14); Fifth place – Chantel Bergquist (6:32.93)

200-YARD FREESTYLE RELAY – Second place – Jaylen Olson-Rodel, Macy Hatlestad, Heidi Moe, Megan Bristow (1:50.67); Third place – Hannah Eklund, Alyssa Welle, Heather Johnson, Kallie Zieman (1:58.20)

100-YARD BACKSTROKE – First place – Kate LeBrasseur – 1:06.94; Third place – Bailey Serum (1:09.95); Fourth place – Mikayla Meece (1:10.85)

100-YARD BREASTSTROKE – First place – Hannah Eklund (1:13.64); Second place – Hannah Lindgren (1:20.18); Fifth place – Lily Clarstrom (1:23.34)

400-YARD FREESTYLE – First place – Kate LeBrasseur, Macy Hatlestad, Megan Bristow, Madalyn Winger (4:02.51); Third place – Mikayla Meece, Ally Timm, Heather Johnson, Bailey Serum, 4:21.60