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B-E volleyball takes seventh at Minnewaska

The Brandon-Evansville volleyball team had a slow start at the Minnewaska volleyball tournament Saturday and ended up finishing in seventh place.

After losing their first two matches to Perham and Osakis, the Chargers rebounded with a tie against Benson and a win over Hancock.

The Chargers started off the tournament playing Osakis, a team that ended up taking third place. Head coach Kelly Olson said the team struggled to execute their offensive plans against Osakis.

"We never got control of the ball on our side of the net," Olson said. "We struggled with serve receive and free ball passing the entire match."

In their second match against Perham, the Chargers nearly pulled out the first set before falling 26-24. The Chargers then fell in the second set to Perham 25-15.

"We were up late by about three when we missed two serves in a row and had a net violation to end it," Olson said. "That is a tough way to lose."

In their third match against Benson, the Chargers won the first set 25-23 before losing the second 14-25 for a tie. Olson said the Chargers played well in the first set, but in the second set they had trouble with their service game.

"Their libero passes really well so we wanted to stay away from her, but I bet she received at least 60 to 70 percent of the balls in set two," Olson said. "From a strategy standpoint what we did was unacceptable in set two."

The Chargers finally earned the victory in their fourth match of the day against Hancock.

Overall the Chargers were hoping for more wins at the Saturday tournament. They hoped to step up their game for matches against Hancock on Monday and conference opponent Parkers Prairie on Thursday.

"I was hoping for a better showing today because we have had some good practices and have done well in stretches in our matches," Olson said. "We are an athletic team who needs to start working as one unit who can go onto the court and get the job done."



(10-25, 13-25)


(24-26, 15-25)


(25-23, 14-25)


(25-23, 25-15)

TOURNAMENT STATISTICS — B-E — Megan Kokett — 1 kill, 20 digs; Kinsley Randt — 4 aces, 29 assists, 5 digs; Caroline Jansen — 1 ace, 21 kills, 4 digs; Mariah Hansen — 5 aces, 8 kills, 2 assists, 16 digs; Toni Wright — 1 ace, 2 kills, 3 assists, 2 digs; Emma Friedrich — 3 aces, 16 kills, 9 digs; Kylee Hansen — 4 aces, 1 dig; Diane Campbell — 1 ace, 15 kills, 4 digs; Kristine Bettermann — 1 kill, 2 digs