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Hoium wins Modified feature at Viking Speedway

Brett Hoium, 5H, holds off Cody Skytland, 75jr , through turn four on the way to his first career Modified Feature win. (Scott Searcy, Cricket Prints)

Villard Modified pilot Brett Hoium held off late race charges by Jeff Wildung, Cody Skytland and Jason Thoennes to claim his first career Modified win during Snap-On Tools and Bell State Bank and Trust night at the Viking Speedway.

Other drivers who found their way to victory lane in WISSOTA AMSOIL Dirt Track Series action included Jamie Thorstad, who pocketed an extra $250 for his Midwest Modified win thanks to Beck's Radiator, Brett Miller in the Street Stocks, Jon Stepan in the Super Stocks and Shawn Kirwin in the Late Models. Lee Kramer won his first Pure Stock feature in non-WISSOTA support action.

Jason Hoffman used his outside starting spot in the Midwest Modified feature to jump to the lead, while fourth starter Jamie Thorstad, Casey Arneson and Justin Froemming joined Ron Saurer for the battle for the second spot.

With three laps to go, Hoffman slipped over the banking in turn two while leading. This put Thorstad on the point for the final restart of the event. Thorstad powered his No. 34 to the high side of the track and raced unchallenged to the win.

Rookie Street Stock driver Durand Peterson and second year driver Ryan Satter paced the nine-car feature to the green.

Brett Miller quickly disposed of Peterson and challenged Satter. As the leaders entered turn one on the second circuit, Satter's car slipped off the banking, bringing out the yellow. This put Miller on the point with Justin Tammen and Mark Blom in the second row. The duo was joined by national point contender Adam Burrows. As the cars entered turn one with three laps left on the board, Blom made contact with Tammen's machine, spinning him down the banking.

Unfortunately, Tammen's car suffered some mechanical damage and he was towed from the track. Miller settled back in to the high groove and raced to the win.

Shawn Kirwin wasted no time powering past Rick Nelson to the lead in the 20-lap Late Model feature.

As the laps continued to click down, it was clear that no one had anything for Kirwin as he raced to his first Viking win of the season.

Jeff Flaten blasted to the lead in the Modified feature and was quickly joined by fourth starter Brett Hoium, who was able to work his way around Flaten on lap two, and began to pull away from the field.

With nine laps remaining, Austin Arneson looked to the outside of Cody Skytland and spun his machine in turn three bringing out the caution.

This put Skytland and Jeff Wildung on Hoium's back bumper. Hoium was able to get a good start, while Wildung and Skytland battled for second. Wildung was able to clear Skytland the following lap and began to reel Hoium in until he drove too hard into turn three and dropped off the banking, ending his night.

With the green back out, a new player entered the mix. Jason Thoennes was able to get around Skytland for the second spot, but up front Hoium continued to run his line and raced to his first career modified win.

The final event of the evening belonged to the Super stocks.

Rocky Yeats began to build his advantage over Derek Quinn and Mike Peterson. The front pack was quickly joined by former track champions Jeff Crouse and Jon Stepan.

Peterson was able to work his way around Quinn and Yeats to get the lead on lap six, but was quickly joined by Stepan. Stepan found his way around Peterson on the following lap and raced to a large lead, while Crouse worked his way into the third spot.

Two laps later, Crouse worked his way around Peterson and set his sights on Stepan.

Stepan jumped to the high side of the track while Crouse searched for a way around. As the duo raced to the white flag, Crouse was able to sneak around Stepan on the outside and the duo raced side-by-side into turn one. Crouse emerged as the leader as the cars made their final trip down the back stretch. As the cars entered turn three, Stepan went to the outside and was able to get back around Crouse and held on at the line.




Feature: Shawn Kirwin, Ricky Weiss, Jeff Wildung, Zach Johnson, Don Shaw, Rick Nelson, Billy Michaelsohn, Scott Lehn, Coard Allard.

Heat: Nelson, Kirwin, Johnson, Weiss, Shaw, Wildung, Michaelsohn, Allard, Lehn.


Feature: Brett Hoium, Jason Thoennes, Cody Skytland, Bobby Gierke, Kyle Koehntop, Brandon Aggen, Jeff Flaten, Brian Haben, Mike Storck, Brady Gerdes, Josh Thoennes, Terry Engebretson, Travis Saurer, Danny Bayer, Jake Wildman, Jeremy Nelson, Austin Arneson, Dennis Bitzan, Jeff Wildung, Tom Silver, Jeffery Lien Jr., Dave Schroeder.

Heat 1: Arneson, Ja. Thoennes, Flaten, Wildung, Gierke, Lien Jr, Wildman, Nelson.

Heat 2: Hoium, Engrebretson, Aggen, Koenhtop, Silver, Haben, Schroeder.

Heat 3: Jo. Thoennes, Saurer, Skytland, Bayer, Gerdes, Storck, Bitzan.


Feature: Jon Stepan, Jeff Crouse, Mike Peterson, Trevor Saurer, Cody Lee, Matt Miller, Derek Quinn, Derrick Lemke, Jeff Kluver, Alan Johnson, Rocky Yeats, Chris Winter, Bryan Hellerman, Dominic Baker.

Heat 1: Stepan, Peterson, Quinn, Johnson, Miller, Baker, Winter.

Heat 2: Lee, Hellerman, Yeats, Crouse, Lemke, Saurer, Kluver.


Feature: Brett Miller, Adam Burrows, Ryan Satter, Durand Peterson, Shane Kruger, Mark Blom, Vern Stewart, Luke Lick, Justin Tammen.

Heat: Tammen, Blom, Satter, Peterson, Miller, Kruger, Lick, Burrows, Stewart.


Feature: Jamie Thorstad, Ron Saurer, Josh Muzik, Shawn Olson, Dusty Bitzan, Andrew Bangsund, Travis Saurer, Tim Ims, Cory Storck, Justin Froemming, Jason Hoffman, Jamie Winterquist, Nick James, Casey Arneson, Haley Lee, Kelly Haack, Tim Mensen, Tyler Vanderby, Chad Vanoverbeke, Brock Gronwold, Zach Hintermeister.

Heat 1: Thorstad, R. Saurer, Froemming, Gronwold, Vanoverbeke, Mensen, Vanderby.

Heat 2: T. Saurer, Arneson, James, Bitzan, Bangsund, Haack, Lee.

Heat 3: Muzik, Hoffman, Winterquist, Ims, Storck, Hintermeister, Olson.


Feature: Lee Kramer, Craig Gardner, Bryan Crandall.

Heat: Kramer, Gardner, Crandall.