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Viking Speedway: Crouse wins Super Stock

Larry Lund (54) cuts to the inside of Cory Tammen (71X) as Jeff Crouse (29) does the same to Jeff Flaten (15F) in the Super Stock Feature. (Photo courtesy

Jeff Crouse, the 2011 Viking Speedway WISSOTA Super Stock track champion, picked up right where he left off last season and captured his first Alexandria Refrigeration-sponsored WISSOTA Super Stock win of the season. Meanwhile, Justin Tammen used a late race pass to grab his first Viking Speedway win of the season in the Extreme Auto-sponsored WISSOTA Street Stocks during AMSOIL Dirt Track Series racing.

Other drivers finding their way to victory lane on a cold, windy Saturday night were Jason Hoffman in the Sower Power-sponsored WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Cody Skytland in the Morris Auto Plaza-sponsored WISSOTA Modifieds, and Chris Shirek, who reigned supreme in the NOSA Sprint Car finale.

This weekend promises to be a busy weekend at the high-banked half-mile track located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds as the NLRA Late Models come to town to do battle in the annual Memorial Day doubleheader.

The event should bring in the cream of the crop in WISSOTA Late Model racing, with the action beginning at 5:30 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday night. All other regular WISSOTA classes will be in action as well.

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MAY 19


FEATURE - 1. Chris Shirek, 1, Thompson, ND, 2. Casey Mack, 8, East Grand Forks, 3. Lou Kennedy, 21-K, Winnipeg, MB, 4. Cory Mack, 25, East Grand Forks, 5. Mitch Mack, 92, NA, 6. Chris Ranten, 27, East Grand Forks, 7. Austin Pierce, 2, Grand Forks, ND, 8. Thomas Kennedy, 20K, Winnipeg, MB, 9. Wade Nygaard, 9N, Fargo, ND.

HEAT - Pierce, Co. Mack, Ca. Mack, L. Kennedy, Shirek, Nygaard, Ranten, T. Kennedy, M. Mack.


FEATURE - 1. Jason Hoffman, 07, Villard, 2. Chris Mensen, 53, Alexandria, 3. Ryan Schleusner, 97S, Hector, 4. Brian Haben, 6, Holloway, 5. Shawn Olson, 32, Alexandria, 6. Ronald Saurer, 42, Dalton, 7. William Lund, 27, Brandon, 8. Travis Saurer, 21X, Elizabeth, 9. Kyle Reents, 1, Glenwood, 10. Kurt Deters, 29, Sauk Centre, 11. Steve Johnson, 73, Alexandria, 12. Kelly Haack, 28H, Kensington, 13. Tyler Vanderby, 37, Glenwood, 14. Randy Laage, EZ-1, Brooten, 15. Dan Greeley, 7G, Alexandria, 16. Tim Mensen, 59, Alexandria, 17. Zach Hintermeister, 16H, Brandon, 18. Dustin Karl, 15K, Osakis, 19. Joshua Rieck, 18, Fergus Falls, 20. Dustin Bitzan, 10B, Brandon, 21. Josh Muzik, 23, Alexandria, 22. Brandon Spanswick, 88, Osakis, 23. Darrin Braaten, 4A, Kensington, 24. Daniel Ebert, 60E, Lake Shore.

HEAT 1 - R. Saurer, Braaten, Lund Reents, Greeley, Rieck, Karl, Ebert.

HEAT 2 - B. Haben, Olson, C. Mensen, Vanderby, Deters, Laage, Hintermeister, T. Mensen.

HEAT 3 - Tr. Saurer, Hoffman, Schleusner, Bitzan, Johnson, Muzik, Spanswick, Haack.


FEATURE - 1. Cody Skytland, 19S, West Fargo, ND, 2. Josh Thoennes, 51, Carlos, 3. Travis Saurer, 21X, Elizabeth, 4. Brock Gronwold, 2G, Fergus Falls, 5. Danny Bayer, 36, Elrosa, 6. Dennis Bitzan, 10X, Farwelll, 7. Daniel Ebert, 60E, Lake Shore, 8. Terry Engebretson, 1X, Cyrus, 9. Kyle Koehntop, 1K, Morris, 10. Brett Hoium, 5H, Villard, 11. Dallas Gulbrandson, 1G, Alexandria, 12. Jake Wildman, 99W, Glenwood, 13. Nate Heinrich, 10H, Bellingham, 14. Mike Storck, 75, Morris, 15. Brady Gerdes, 2X, Villard, 16. Jason Blascyk, 1B, Kensington, 17. Terry Merten, 14M, Sauk Centre, 18. Scott Werk, 16W, Verndale, 19. Dave Schroeder, 18S, Glenwood, 20. Ward Imre, 10W, Winnipeg, MB, 21. Jason Thoennes, 52, Garfield.

HEAT 1 - Ebert, Bitzan, Bayer, Koehntop, Hoium, Storck, Wildman.

HEAT 2 - Heinrich, Tr. Saurer, Thoennes, Imrie, Schroeder, Gulbrandson, Werk.

HEAT 3 - Skytland, Jo. Thonnes, Engebretson, Gronwold, Blascyk, Merten, Gerdes.


FEATURE - 1. Justin Tammen, 71X, Clara City, 2. Brett Miller, 33M, Alexandria, 3. Jordan Tollakson, 32, Montevideo, 4. Chris Winter, 31, Hoffman, 5. Justin Vogel, 10, Brooten, 6. Tiffany Maus-Krippner, 8, Kimball, 7. Vernon Stewart, Herman, 8. Andrew Bangsund, 70, Alexandria, 9. Adam Burrows, 18B, West Fargo, ND, 10. Tyler Spanswick, 15, Osakis.

HEAT 1 - Burrows, Miller, Winter, Maus-Krippner, Spanswick.

HEAT 2 - Vogel, Bangsund, Tollackson, Stewart, Tammen.


FEATURE - 1. Jeff Crouse, 29*, Alexandria, 2. Jon Stepan, 3S, Brandon, 3. Alan Johnson, 22, Osakis, 4. Larry Lund, 54, Brandon, 5. Derrick Lemke, 31X, Sauk Centre, 6. Trevor Saurer, 21, Dalton, 7. Dominic Baker, 9, Osakis, 8. Cory Tammen, 71X, Fargo, ND, 9. Matt Miller, 13M, Glenwood, 10. Jeff Flaten, 15F, Hancock, 11. Jason Cook, 79, Brandon, 12. Jerome guyot, 48, Fannystelle, MB, 13. Jeff Kluver, 19K, Alexandria, 14. Cody Lee, 50, Starbuck.

HEAT 1 - Lund, Crouse, Flaten, Tammen, Guyot, Tre. Saurer, Cook.

HEAT 2 - Lee, Kluver, Stepan, Johnson, Baker, Lemke, Miller.