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Alex Horseshoe League: Top seed upset in tournament

The top seed in the Alexandria Horseshoe League playoffs was upset in the second week of the tournament after Bruce Swenson and Ron Peterson of Glenwood State Bank took down Al and Janet Larson of LRHC, 5-3.

Al Larson was the top pitcher of the week with 72 ringers and 270 points. Mike Edwards was right behind him with 59 ringers and 239 points. Edwards and his partner Harley Anderson came up short against second seeded Garden Center (Ralph Losee and Tim Lais) last week. Third seeded Haines Gipson with Al and Joe Nicholson edged Chuck and Robbie Betterman of Alex Extrusion. Fifth seeded Hensley Inc. (Ray Kraemer and Brian Hoppe) took down fourth seeded WNS (Gary Boots and Joe Hoff) 8-0.

Al and Tyler Bettermann of Advantage Tool lived to fight another day after eliminating Greg Lehrke and Mike Wegener of TWF by a 6-2 score.


Playoffs: Week two

August 25, 2010

Glenwood St. Bank (Bruce Swenson/Ron Peterson) def. LRHC (Al Larson/Janet Larson), 5-3

Garden Center (Ralph Losee/Tim Lais) def. Ron's Warehouse (Harley Anderson/Mike Edwards), 8-0

Haines Gipson (Al Nicholson/Joe Nicholson) def. Alex Extrusion (Chuck Betterman/Robbie Betterman), 7-1

Hensley Inc. (Ray Kraemer/Brian Hoppe) def. WSN (Gary Boots/Joe Hoff), 8-0

Advantage Tool (Al Bettermann/Tyler Bettermann) def. TWF (Greg Lehrke/Mike Wegener), 6-2

PITCHERS OF THE WEEK - Alan Larson - 72 ringers, 270 points; Mike Edwards - 59 ringers/239 points; Ray Kraemer - 57 ringers/249 points; Janet Larson - 54 ringers/233 points; Gary Boots - 51 ringers/231 points

Week one

August 18, 2010

WSN def. Advantage Tool, 8-0

Hensley Inc. def. TWF, 8-0

Alex Extrusion def. Corral Supper Club (Dave Beyer/Phil Swenson), 6-2

Ron's Warehouse def. Elks Club (Jerry Zastrow/Tim Lais), 6-2

Glenwood State Bank def. Salon La Belle (Kevin Richmond/Steve Anstett), 6-4

PITCHERS OF THE WEEK - Kevin Richmond - 71 ringers, 289 points; Mike Edwards - 70 ringers, 279 points; Gary Boots - 69 ringers, 256 points; Phil Swenson - 65 ringers, 259 points; Joe Hoff - 62 ringers, 224 points; Ray Kraemer - 220 points