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Alexandrians survive demolition derby

Alexandria's Becky Anderson in her No. 1 car finished off one of her opponents during Thursday night's demolition derby action. Anderson was one of the division winners.1 / 2
Chris Paulson of Glenwood kept his No. 66 car clear of the smoke as the car of one of his opponents finally succumbed to all the hits taken.2 / 2

Two Alexandrians came out on top in the six competitions at the Douglas County Fair's demolition derbies when all the dust had settled and the final engine had stalled at the Alexandria Viking Speedway last week.

Becky Anderson won the 4-cylinder FWD class last Thursday before fellow Alexandria resident Erin Kram was the last car standing in the 1980 and newer class. Gemenie Strehlow of Lake Park won the final class of that day.

Brent Lance of Kannapolis, North Carolina got the action started on Friday with a win in the 6-cylinder FWD category. Jay Patrick of South St. Paul won the 1980 and newer class, outlasting Alexandria's Brent Patrick. David Schwartz of Bluffton then wrapped up the competition with a win in the final class as he outlasted Alexandria's Ryan Schmitz.



6-CYLINDER FWD - 1. Brent Lance, Kannapolis, NC; 2. Nick Miller, Osakis; 3. Randy Schmitz, Fargo, ND; 4. Will Larson, Parkers Prairie; 5. Mark Ranweiler, Brandon; 6. Nathan Larson, Alexandria; 7. Gayle Snook, Parkers Prairie; 8. Jeremy Shamp, Miltona; 9. Dan Tillberg, Alexandria; 10. Samuel Fischer, Alexandria

1980 AND NEWER - 1. Jay Patrick, South St. Paul; 2. Brent Patrick, Alexandria; 3. Bert Huntley, Hoffman; 4. Erin Kram, Alexandria; 5. Joseph Leesch, Miltona; 6. Robert Breitbach, Sauk Centre; 7. Randy Schmitz, Fargo, ND; 8. Brad Barts, Alexandria; 9. Thomas Sullivan, Brandon; Jordan Olsen, Osakis

OTHER - 1. Davis Schwartz, Bluffton; 2. Ryan Schmitz, Alexandria; 3. Kurtis Michelson, Elbow Lake; 4. Eric Nelson, Starbuck; 5. Nick Miller, Osakis

Thursday, August 19

4-CYLINDER FWD - 1. Becky Anderson, Alexandria; 2. David Schmidt, Alexandria; 3. Matthew Hammer, Henning; 4. Marc Runingen, Ashby; 5. Alden Just, Alexandria; 6. Jason Wagner, Alexandria; 7. Brian Fandrich, Alexandria; 8. Laura Haffner, Hoffman

1980 AND NEWER - 1. Erin Kram, Alexandria; 2. Brent Patrick, Alexandria; 3. Paul Boecker, Sauk Centre; 4. Brian Ruegemer, Villard

OTHER - 1. Gemenie Strehlow, Lake Park; 2. Ryan Schmitz, Alexandria; 3. Kurtis Michelson, Elbow Lake