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Osakis girls' basketball camp brings in players from grades 3-6

Pat Kalpin and many members of the Osakis girls' basketball team recently helped out the future of the Silverstreaks' program by putting on the Osakis girls' basketball camp from June 7-10 for students who just completed grades 3-6.

Alyssa Timmerman, Calista Sadlemyer, Hannah Bailey, Danielle Chisholm, Becka Sadlemyer, Taylor Kraemer, Brooke Sorenson and Annalise Savageau all served as coaches at the camp. A total of 35 girls participated in the camp, working on various skills and competing in daily contests.

Brittney Sadlemyer won three of the five individual competitions among 6th graders. Sadlemyer took the free throw and hot shot contests, while also winning the one-on-one tournament. Abby Stroup and Ana Chisholm took first in the dribbling and lay-up competitions, respectively.

Jordan Stroup won all five of the individual competitions at the 3rd-grade level. Lauren Savageau took three of five competitions at the 4th-grade level, while all five events had different winners in 5th grade.

A team tournament highlighted the three-day camp. Brittney Sadlemyer, Mikayla Olson, Allison Scherr, Kari Didier and Morgan Silbernick teamed up to take the 5th and 6th grade tournament. Lauren Savageau, Morgan Herzog, Bree Timmerman, Samantha Bray and Jayden Klimek did the same in the 3rd and 4th grade tournament.

A Silverstreak Award was also handed out to a player from every grade. Morgan Silbernick won the award in 6th grade. Mikayla Olson took home the honor among 5th graders, while Samantha Bray and Lauren Scherr did the same among 4th and 3rd graders, respectively.