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Triathlon tough

Alexandria's Joe Schneiderhan topped the field of 165 to win the 2008 Chain of Lakes Sprint Triathlon on a very cold and extremely windy Saturday morning.

Schneiderhan, 42, had a finish of 1:02:08, completing the swim portion in 10:27, and the biking event in 33:54.

Alexandria swim coach Mark Storhaug, 49, finished 21st in the event, with Brad Lake, 41, finishing 27th.

Alexandria's Taylor Ellison, 18, was the first local woman across the finish line, coming in 43rd overall with a time of 1:19.15. That also earned her first place in her age group and fourth overall in the female division.

Finishing first in the overall women's division was Jennifer Lenarz with a time of 1:10:54. She was also first in the 30-39 age group.

In the women's 20-29 age group, Jeanna Baratto of Crosslake was first with a time of 1:13:17, while in the 40-49 age group, Amy Woolsey of Sauk Rapids was first in 1:14.33.

Jan Handlos of Baxter took first in the women's 50-59 age group in 1:25:06.

For the men's division, James Toay of Maple Grove was first in the 1-19 age group in 1:04:09, while Aaron Olson of St. Paul was first in the 20-29 age group with a time of 1:06:27 and Jesse Moen was first in the 30-39 age group in 1:03:29.

In the 50-59 age group, Larry Stracke of Sauk Rapids was first in 1:06:08 and in the 60-98 age group, Larry White of Des Moines, IA was first in 1:29.09.

The winning team in the open relay was Trip, McNeely and Coll (Adam Schackman, Ryan Daniel and Steve Tacl) which finished in 1:08:34, while the top local team was See Dad Run (Brock Vestrum, Luke Vestrum and Harley Vestrum), which completed the triathlon in 1:12.55.

The total number of registered competitors was 234.




1. Joe Schneiderhan, 42, Alexandria 1:02:08

21. Mark Storhaug, 49, Alexandria 1:11:34

27. Brad Lake, 41, Alexandria 1:14:00

41. Dan Roark, 31, Alexandria 1:18:58

43. Taylor Ellison, 18, Carlos 1:19:22

49. Logan Hanson, 15, Alexandria 1:20:08

64. Meghan Orgeman, 25, Glenwood 1:22:52

57. Angie Miller, 31, Alexandria 1:24:14

86. Jacquelyn Kvilhaug, 22, Alexandria 1:25.41

91. Kelly Wencl, 28, Alexandria 1:28:41

113. Laura Barrett, 31, Alexandria 1:35:32

115. Daphne Karpan, 37, Alexandria 1:35:38

118. Tim Busch, 45, Alexandria 1:37:13

125. Julie Backes, 37, Osakis 1:39:14

144. Joan Ries, 54, Alexandria 1:48.14

147. Marie Anderson, 56, Alexandria 1:49:47


1. See Dad Run (Brock Vestrum, Luke Vestrum Harley Vestrum) 1:12.:55.

2. Astrup (Cheryl Astrup, Mark Astrup, Rachel Astrup) 1:15:03.

3. Two Andrews and a Megan (Andrew Lamb, Andrew Bristow, Megan Decock) 1:21:25.

4. Super Bads (Caroline Roers, Benjamin Roers, Benjamin Roers) 1:37:55.