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Letter to the Editor: Rats are deserting Trump's ship

To the editor:

Well, Kelly Burnham (Sept. 7 letter to the editor) you and Greg Dropik (Aug. 24 letter to the editor) seem to have a lot in common. You both march to the voice of Trump's tweets. Have you also read Mein Kopf? I have looked at the "facts."

Fact one: A wall to be built by Mexico. Now your Fuehrer is terrorizing children trying to force Congress to pay for this wall.

Fact two: Candidate Trump promised he would release his tax returns if elected President. To date, he has released nothing. He says "Well, I was elected, so it doesn't matter now." And as a supporter, you agree, which means you miss the point. He promised he would release them! (According to the Washington Post Fact Check, he has lied over 3,500 times since during his tenure.)

Fact three: All the rats are deserting the sinking ship! They all claimed they didn't say what Woodward claims they did. Check your history. No one knew who Deep Throat of Watergate fame was, either.

Yes, he gave the working man a tax cut, that will exist for seven years. He gave his billionaire friends a lifetime tax break.

I could go on and on, but the Echo only has so much room, and I think they have been more than fair to all three of us: You, Greg, and myself.

Larry Leighton

Alexandria, MN