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Letter to the Editor: Good memories from Urbank

To the editor:

It was now 30 years ago this summer that I sat on the steps of the creamery in Urbank, Minnesota. I was on a bicycle trip across the United States, heading at that point up to see friends in Fargo. As I enjoyed a soda, I happened to strike up a conversation with a guy named Dan (I think).

I had commented on the beautiful baseball park on the way into town and he expressed such pride in the park and the team that, as I left town, he caught up with me in his pickup with the gift of an Urbank Parkers Bombers baseball cap. (I see now that the team has been joined in name by Parkers Prairie.)

I simply want to let the good people of Urbank know that I still wear that hat here at home in Vermont and have never forgotten the pride and hospitality of that summer encounter. Go you Bombers!

Timothy Eberhardt

Braintree, VT