Paid Political Letter: Representative should listen to all of us


To the editor:

A great hero has left the American stage. The death of Senator John McCain has remind us of a time when elected officials of all parties could meet, talk and solve problems. McCain will be remembered as one who could work across the aisle to solve the really big ones.

We want our state and local officials to do the same. So when an elected official refuses to meet with constituents, especially young voters in training, it naturally puzzles us. Months ago, Representative Mary Franson refused to meet with local high school Democrats because she said, "I don't meet with partisan groups in my office." After a series of dodges, including a condition that parents be present during any meeting, because "with so many sexual harassment claims being made it just isn't appropriate," Franson finally agreed to meet.

Adding insult to injury, Franson later said she hoped the school district would use this opportunity to teach students about correct use of social media. Don't we want a representative who will listen to all of us?

Sandra Johnson, MD

Erika Johnson, MD

Alexandria, MN

(Paid political letter)