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Letter to the Editor: Change leads to good fortune at Andria Theatre

To the editor:

"Change is the only constant in life," according to the pre-Socratic Greek

philosopher, Heraclitus. This is very apparent when it comes to live theater.

By its very virtue of being live on stage, things can happen that didn't during

rehearsals or vice versa.

Andria Theatre had to make an unplanned change in its 2018-2019 season line-up

of shows. Due to an extended run of a professional touring company's production of

The Sound of Music, no school, amateur, or professional theaters can get the rights to

the show. Andria Theatre learned this has been the case for over a year.

Unfortunately, this was not posted on the Rodgers and Hammerstein website.

Out of some unfortunate circumstances can come good fortune. Such is the case

now. The rights are available to produce The Wizard of Oz, which will go up October

11-14 and October 18-21.

Ann Hermes

Executive director, Andria Theatre

Alexandria, MN