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Paid Political Letter: Health Care should be expanded, not cut

To the editor:

At a critical time in my life, I received the medical care I needed. I was not in a position to pay for it. A generous world provided what my special needs son and I so desperately needed. As a result I could contribute to society, care for my son and volunteer for community organizations. No sick person can work or care for their children the way they need. I thank God at my church every day for his help.

It's disturbing to me that our representative, Mary Franson, has done so little to expand medical services in Minnesota and with her Republican friends didn't send the bill for special needs to the governor but folded it into the doomed omnibus bill. Giving millions to insurance companies seems like the wrong way to go about it. Gail Kulp is challenging that solution with her special emphasis on families with special needs. That's why I'm supporting Gail and I hope all generous Christians will too.

Michele Abbott

Osakis, MN

(Paid political letter)