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Paid Political Letter: Kulp is a straight talking leader

To the editor:

Big spender Mary Franson wants our support?

She's the second highest spender in our Minnesota House and she can't make it to the sessions and vote? Why are we, the taxpayers, giving her over $80,000 a year? She's hard to reach and hasn't had a Town Hall in my memory. She either avoids or insults constituents instead of meeting and listening.

I think a better choice is her challenger, Gail Kulp, a straight talking, well-known community leader and native of Alexandria. Kulp shows remarkable growth as a candidate since her impressive try in 2016 and has attracted a small army of volunteers. She's working hard to meet everyone in the district, so open your door when she knocks.

Bev Bales

Carlos, MN

(Paid political letter)