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Letter: Coal is not where we should put our efforts

To the editor:

Congratulations and sincere thanks to Dr. Erika and her mother, Jeanne Johnson, on the installation of the wonderful solar grids at their home on Lake Brophy ("Grabbing some rays" story in the Sept. 27 Echo Press). Leaders — the very first such undertaking of any Alexandria Light and Power customers. Great going, ladies.

Everyone knows that coal and all fossil fuel energy is not where we should be putting our efforts and dollars, if we care at all for future generations. As these ladies did, we need to do more with utilizing the power of the sun and wind. It's clean — certainly will be with us forever and is the best thing we can do for our grandchildren and beyond.

Thanks to Dr. Erika and Jeanne for leading the way! We certainly hope it will prompt many more of us to follow your lead.

Bev Bales

Carlos, MN