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Letter: Our country isn't perfect but it's still the best

To the editor:

I have been reading all the opinions on why some people choose not to stand for our National Anthem and it puzzles me why they feel like they are the only ones that society has not treated fairly. I am a Vietnam veteran and I came back home a wounded warrior before the phrase was coined, I have a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star and a couple other medals.

The country I came back to didn't care what a person did during their time of service and in some cases being a veteran was not considered as a positive but as a negative when applying for a job.

Now what I am implying is that if other veterans like me that may have felt let down by the system still show respect to stand for the anthem and the flag, then why can't others do the same? This country may not be perfect but it is still the best country in the world, so let us show a little respect.

Dale Flemming

Vietnam veteran

Alexandria, MN