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Letter: No right to criticize how others react to symbols

To the editor:

Symbols are something that represent something else. Symbols can represent different things to different people depending on their experiences.

The symbols of our of country can mean different things. The country has been very good to me and that goodness informs my understanding of symbols like the flag or National Anthem. However, not everyone, especially people of color, has the same experiences.

Some people have such a good experience that they have a religion-like understanding of country and its symbols represented by certain songs, symbols, saints and special rules. But in a land of freedom of religion, one doesn't have to adhere to the religion of country or appreciate its national religious symbols in the same way.

Furthermore, we have no right to criticize another's understanding or appreciation of symbols like the flag or the anthem. At the very least, only black people have any business being critical of how other black people reverence or do not reverence the flag or anthem.

Rollen Halvorson

Alexandria, MN