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Letter: Don't put gravel pit in Forada

To the editor:

I live in Forada with my husband and two daughters. I am writing this because I would like it to be known that the proposed gravel pit location is a complete devastation to not only us, but the whole town of Forada.

We bought our house five years ago this November. We love our home. Not only because of the house, but because of the location. We love the fact that we can see wildlife across the road, that we can be outside all summer long with our girls, and most importantly, we love the fact that we feel at home. We wrote this letter for a website our company is sponsoring. It is a website to draw people to the Midwest, to Douglas County, to Forada. We live on CR 87 SE, we are one of the main houses that is going to be impacted by this pit.

Please take into consideration that there are small children all over our town, who love to play outside, ride their bikes and play at our local park. There are obvious health hazards to everyone in our community with a gravel pit being so close to so many homes. The idea of 10 trucks per hour coming down CR 4 past our quiet town is enough to make you nauseous. How do we ever let our children ride their bikes without supervision? How do we ever enjoy our peaceful town without hearing the sound of heavy machinery in the distance? I guarantee you, when a majority of the people moved into Forada, they never said "I'd be ok with a gravel pit going up in the future." There are so many long-term affects to this gravel pit and the people of Forada will pay the price for them. Please do not pass this proposal.

Chantel Elbert

Forada, MN