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Letter: There are better ways to spend $38.75 million

To the editor:

A note to the voters in the Brandon-Evansville-Millerville communities:

If you are going to spend $38.75 million on a building project over the next 30 years, should it be all tied up in a building? Could that money be better used to educate your children and people? It would seem that is the purpose.

If that is the purpose, there are much better ways to spend that money than just on a building.

As Dr. Thomas Fisher, University of Minnesota, says in his book, "Designing Our Way to a Better World," "Our educational system, which has continued the old industrial model of competence building and repetitive exercises, has to change. And that will require a reappraisal of what creativity entails and how we teach it."

Do we need to build? Obviously, yes. But what kind of buildings and what else should you be spending your money on if you are going to educate your children and people over the next 30 years? Also, obviously, education will change a great deal over the next 30 years. How do you want to get ready for that? That is the challenge.

Robert (Bob) T. Olson

Retired superintendent of schools

Alexandria, MN