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Letter: Why can't seniors fish for free?

To the editor:

What has the Department of Natural Resources done the last two decades besides collect license fees, and pass out tickets which collect more money?

Thirty-five or 40 years ago persons over 65 were allowed to fish for free. A fishing buddy once owned a bait shop and explained at that time he would sell licenses for $4 to seniors over 65, and they would turn in the receipt and be reimbursed for the fee, making it a free license.

I complained to Rep. Mary Franson a couple years ago, and she contacted the DNR regarding it. She was told "there was never such an act." Either the DNR agent isn't familiar with their history, or he "misstated" the facts. (Maybe he had "alternate facts.'')

I am long past the age of 65 years, and I feel like I was cheated out of my Social Security money!

Larry Leighton

Alexandria, MN