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LETTER: Do some thinking and research

To the editor:

I watched the Thursday video of the marchers on Broadway. They appeared to me to be some of the most uninformed, misled and misinformed people I have ever seen. It was like looking at the Democratic talking points.

I am not an immigrant. We are not all immigrants. My great-great-grandparents did immigrate from Norway legally and assimilated.

Signs mentioned fascism. I bet they don't even know what it is — google Mussolini. We are a representative republic.

What President Trump did was legal. He has the responsibility and the authority to keep us safe, according to the Constitution and specifically 8 U.S. Code 1182 Para (f).

One sign said, "Jesus was a refugee." The Jesus of the New Testament I know certainly was no refugee.

Why isn't doing nothing tantamount to inviting terrorists in to America?

They keep referring to it is a "ban," which is a total mischaracterization. They are saying it is a Muslim ban but it does not affect over 90 percent of the Muslims in the world. Come on, Alexandrians, do not fall into the hate mongers' trap. They do not have facts and this terror is manufactured by their hate for President Trump so they create hate with lies and anger to cover it up.

I agree the implementation of the "pause" could have been handled differently, but in saying that, consider two points.

First, if there were bad guys on their way here they probably retreated. Secondly, it must have generated significant communications from the bad guys and I bet we got some good intel from it.

So, take notes, do some personal thinking and research, not generated from any one news source, including Fox, and come to your own conclusions. Hate is a dangerous motivator.

Lastly, thanks all who marched peacefully.

Roger Hegland

Alexandria, MN