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LETTER: Project was seriously flawed

To the editor:

I currently live in Holmes City, the unincorporated town established in 1866, before Alexandria. I am disabled and have a child with special needs.

Public works needs a change in leadership, along with the good-old-boy network that has been in existence in Alexandria for too long.

I tried to fight for myself, going to three commissioner meetings to let them know how destructive this road project would be. Nobody had to know anything about it except the people they wanted property from. I resisted due to the total destruction that was going to become of my property on both sides of the road, including lakeshore.

This is so far the outcome: An urban design in a rural area that removed all the parking. People now park on my lakeshore next to the liquor store. I can't put up a fence because I don't have the proper setback. The road is where speeds regularly reach 50 miles per hour.

My abstract started in 1866, before current changes in property lines. The angle of the road was changed on only one side of the road and road wash still goes directly into the lake.

I'm not an engineer but I can assure you the project was seriously flawed. The lake will be destroyed by all the trees and perennial gardens destroyed to improve the flow of traffic. This really happens to the most vulnerable of society in Douglas County.

Tammy Schwarz

Holmes City, MN