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LETTER: Travel ban is personal

To the editor:

Family is important to all of us. To me it is everything. In the past week we have seen gut-wrenching photos of what the executive order — travel ban has done to others. For my husband and myself, it is personal.

Our youngest son is married to a strikingly beautiful, smart woman. She is the mother of our only grandchild, a strikingly beautiful brown-haired, brown-eyed, brown-skinned little girl.

Our daughter-in-law is Pakistani. She is here legally with a valid green card. She has a job where she is in a management position. She wanted to go home to see her family this summer. She can't. She is fearful. Her family is fearful. We are fearful. What if she leaves ... what if she takes our beautiful baby to see her other gramma and grampa ... and they can't come back?

Currently, Pakistan is not on "the list," but as we all know, it is a predominantly Muslim country and has certainly not been a supporter of the United States.

For those of you who are in favor of the order, consider how far reaching the effect is. The lack of forethought and planning was immediately evident.

By the way, our daughter-in-law is of the Catholic faith. Her family lives in a Christian compound in Ralipindi, a suburb of Islamabad. Does she get a pass because she is Catholic? Is there a special visa for Catholic people from Pakistan?

Indiscriminate edicts and orders have no place in our country. I support the revocation of the executive order 100 percent. Think through your words, your actions and the far reaching, long-term effects.

Sandy Susag

Alexandria, MN