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LETTER: Passports and visas required

To the editor:

Let's assume that on Friday, Feb. 24, a group of citizens from Alexandria meet at Big Ole Park and get on a tour bus. We leave Alexandria and head west on I-94 to Fargo. We arrive in Fargo and exit off I-94 onto I-29 and head north on I-29. We are on our way to Winnipeg. We get to the border and drive right into Canada, right?

No, wait — they want the bus to pull over and park. Now they want us all to get off the bus and go through customs. What? You mean we have to have a passport and documents to get into Canada? This means we cannot come in and go to Winnipeg?

That's right, folks, without a passport and proper documents, you cannot come into Canada. We will escort your bus around so you can go back across the border to the USA.

We get to the USA border and the U.S. customs ask to see our passports and proper paperwork to leave Canada. Wait a minute; the Canadian customs would not let us in because we did not have passports or proper documents and they had us turn around and did not give us any return paperwork. We do not need a passport or proper documents to cross back and come into the USA, right?

No, not really folks; that is not not how it works.

We have been to Europe two times and to Brazil. And guess what, folks? We had to have passports and documents in order to go to Europe and when we went to Brazil, we had to have the proper medical shots, etc., passports and visas and documents.

This may be a free love country, but you still need the proper passports, visas and documents to get into our country.

Butch Dallman

Alexandria, MN