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LETTER: Fossil carbon resources are buried treasures

To the editor:

We are blessed. God created us humans as part of a beautiful world, richly endowed to meet our needs. Each of us bears the image of God. It's heartbreaking, therefore, that the crisis of climate change has become a political hostage. Climate change is neither a liberal nor a conservative issue ... it just is.

The problems already being caused by a warming planet ought to jolt us into growing up and becoming responsible caretakers of God's world.

Just as we no longer live in the Stone Age, we need to move beyond the Fossil-Fuel Age. Sadly, what gets lost in all the political nonsense is, again, this simple truth: We are blessed. God gives us abundant sunshine, wind energy, tidal power, geothermal resources, and more.

It no longer makes sense to burn fossil carbon resources, which cannot be replenished. We need those buried treasures for other things; such as pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and next generation materials, like carbon composites.

People of all faiths — even no faith — ought to be able to agree. Our world is a rich place. And, since we are so blessed, we ought to lovingly come together to care for the earth.

John M. Riggle

Alexandria, MN