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Windhurst works well with area public-safety volunteers

To the editor:

We are writing to support Greg Windhurst as candidate for Douglas County sheriff. We as public safety volunteers in each of our communities feel strongly about the sheriff’s election and which candidate will be the most responsive to each of our agencies and communities we serve. After our review of the candidates, we are excited to support Greg.

Over the past several years, we have worked with Greg on various fire, rescue and medical calls. Greg always displays deep concern for our residents and our communities. Greg has also provided us extensive training on the new county-wide radio communications system. We have found that Greg is very knowledgeable, has a strong work ethic and always maintains a very personable, respectful and readily-available working relationship with us.

Greg presents himself as a professional and he is a well-respected member of the sheriff’s office. We believe Greg’s dedication and commitment to working with us over the years, helping us provide service to each of our communities, is testament of the commitment and dedication he will bring to you and the sheriff’s office as our sheriff.

We encourage you to join us supporting Greg Windhurst as Douglas County Sheriff on August 12th.

Joe Leesch,

Miltona Fire/First Responder

Jason Schultz, Osakis First Responder, North Memorial Ambulance

Scott Allyn, Garfield Fire/

First Responder

John Ziethamer,

Forada Fire/First Responder

Ben Rusch, Brandon, MN

(A paid political letter)