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Study could implement reduction in Legislature size

To the editor:

In 1999, the Legislature had a problem. The problem was a large budget surplus. The solution was to reduce tax rates, increase education funding and give a rebate to taxpayers.

With the inevitable decline in the economy, the surplus soon became a deficit. Surpluses do not harm the economy as much as a budget shortfall does.

Current surpluses should be placed in a rainy day fund. A portion of the rainy day fund could be used to study and implement a reduction in the size of the Legislature. Minnesota ranks fifth in the nation in the size of its lawmaking body (201). The size of our elected body does not appear to promote any creativity as voting on issues follow party lines.

The cost of the study would be recaptured within a short period with a reduction of expenses associated with a smaller Legislature.

Barry Wahlberg

Alexandria, MN