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Certification needed for child care providers

To the editor:

All child care providers in Minnesota are required to be certified in first aid and CPR training. This certification needs to be renewed every two years by the law of Minnesota. This certification is used for basic first aid needs such as treating cuts, injuries involving blood, and any falling accidents.

The CPR portion is used for choking accidents, seizures and any incidents involving a child losing consciousness. It is also preferred that those working in the field of child care have at least an AA degree in early childhood development.

In the field of first aid, knowing what kinds of medicine or antibiotics to use for different types of injuries or illnesses is necessary. In order for this to be safe and effective for the child, you need to have knowledge of what the medicines and antibiotics contain.

All child care providers must know the different ways to perform CPR on children, depending on their weight and age.

It is also essential to know developmentally appropriate preparation for children’s meal and snack times such as cutting some foods to a certain size. This can help reduce choking hazards for children.

Shannon Cline and Alex Chaney, ATCC child development program students Alexandria, MN