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We all need more Christmas cheer

To the editor:

I’ve gotten to like Christmas quite a lot over the years. Being somewhat of a Liberal, I was rather humbug about the whole thing for a long time. I dismissed the commercialism of it and didn’t think it particularly profound in its public expression. It all seemed pretty shallow to me.

I’ve changed my tune. Perhaps it’s old age creeping up on me. I told my wife the other day that I would undoubtedly be a sentimental old codger when I hit the golden years. I rather enjoy the songs, both pop and sacred. Silent Night is very moving. We Need a Little Christmas always makes me smile. Eartha Kitt is so naughty with Santa Baby. The glittery, festive decorations are a lot of fun. I work in retail and assisting guests in our store with their holiday shopping brings a smile to many faces.

Folks seem to be in a good mood overall. They have permission and encouragement to be cheerful and light-hearted. Don’t we all need more of that?

So, to all of you, wonderful friends, out there, Merry Christmas!

Mark Weise

Brandon, MN