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Cutting early childhood funding now will cost more later

To the editor:

If we keep cutting early childhood funding, it will cost us in the long run. Children are our future. That is why we should give them the opportunity to have an enriched environment for them to learn and grow.

Statistics say if we keep cutting early childhood funding, a child could increase their chances of going to prison in their future by 39 percent. Also, cutting food stamps and Medicaid could decrease the health and nutrition in the child’s later life and this can cause poor academic skills.

Another negative for cutting funds could lead to the increase of poverty in the child’s family, thus leading the child to drop out of school and be unable to find a steady job in their future.

So we conclude that if a child doesn’t have quality care at a young age we could be paying three times more a year for prison than it would have been to keep funding early childhood programs. Also, paying for high school dropouts costs us over $125 billion for their lifetime.

Not funding now will have a cost effect for everyone later.

Ashley Thompson and Jacqueline Currier, ATCC child development program students Alexandria, MN