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Should we improve or scrap Obamacare?

To the editor:

It has taken decades of inaction for Congress to pass a universal health bill, and now a few temporary glitches have stalled its implementation for a few weeks ahead. Intolerable! A complete fiasco cry the Republicans in chorus! Already Tea Party intransigents and TV talking heads are dancing like whirling dervishes on its grave in ghoulish delight! Actually, it could take years to iron out all the flaws that such a giant and innovative piece of legislation involves. And this with an implacable opposition to the bill that likes nothing better than a monkey wrench to toss in and sabotage the entire process. So is Obamacare perfect? Are you? My advice to the electorate is: Grow up! Possess your souls in patience.

After all, anything is better for millions of uninsured Americans who have no insurance at all and live their lives in financial jeopardy every day. Republicans are, of course, for the status quo lest they might incur a slight policy increase to help out a family with a child born with a congenital birth defect, requiring lifelong treatment that no insurance company will ever possibly cover. That is why they signed on with the Affordable Health Care Plan in the first place. Single pay, which is a cheaper way to go, gives the insurance executives the fantods since it would leave them out of the decision-making circle entirely, so it makes sense to go with this plan since it was, after all, a Republican plan, first dreamed up by Mitt Romney.

But the G.O.P. sees it all differently now simply because it is being pushed by Democrats as a compromise with those who object to government single pay. So should we work to improve Obamacare or scuttle it entirely? Go figure!

Lee Paulson, Glenwood, MN