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Why all those chuckles?

To the editor:

Those chuckles are everywhere: at a table, in a store, by a register, near a sink, on a beach, at a reunion. They’re everywhere you look and listen.

What’s a chuckle? It’s that quick response to a remark, that unexpected outburst, that utterance that’s a bit disruptive, sometimes noisy. It’s not to be confused with a genuine laugh, in response to a joke.

Who chuckles, and why? Perhaps it has to do with a poor self-image. It’s the price some folks pay to be accepted, rather than rejected. The chuckler may believe that withholding a chuckle is to run the risk of disfavor. He’s willing to do almost anything to avoid separation.

A chuckle ends as abruptly as it begins.

A chuckler chuckles at his own remarks, as well as those of another. The only response s chuckler seeks is the assurance that he’s still “one of the boys,” still accepted as a peer, on a par with all the rest of those in the group. The chuckler is very uncomfortable with the prospect of being cast out by the group, and looked upon as no longer a member in good standing.

But no one needs to be a chuckler. Every human being has been created by a loving, sovereign God, who “don’t make no junk.” A human being is the greatest thing on earth, of whom The Book says: “created in God’s image.”

Away then with self-denigrating chucklers. May the tribe of non-arrogant, self-assured, confident folks increase.

Dick Grenell

Brandon, MN