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Need debate on manmade global warming

To the editor:

Why do the world’s Jeanne Johnsons resort to name calling if anybody, even world-class scientists, question manmade global warming? Many global warmers admit the earth hasn’t warmed since 1998, thus the new word: climate change.

Jeanne incorrectly stated that Fred Singer, “the flake,” took money to say cigarette smoking didn’t hurt people. In reality, in the 1970s, he was in discussions involving the effects of second-hand smoke.

Recent stories should cause people to request a public debate on manmade global warming and the proposed remedies.

AP story: Major U.S. power company pleads guilty to killing eagles and other birds with its wind turbines. Dozens are killed annually in America.

Many sources: Solar panels at a desert collection site in California are killing hundreds of birds, mostly waterfowl, some protected species. Built in a major flyway, birds mistake the panels for water and fly into them. Some even have their feathers fried off.

In England, the Jeanne Johnsons have won and much of their energy production has been converted to low carbon methods. The more costly, less efficient, subsidized production has resulted in close to 30 percent of their citizens not being able to pay for their winter’s energy use.

Here is a list of “shills” readers can research, most who aren’t tied to energy companies. Their research indicates climate is cyclical (Timothy Ball, Ph.D.), that CO2 doesn’t play a major role in climate (Richard Lindzen, Ph.D. at MIT, whose work was peer reviewed), Roy Spencer (Ph.D., climatologist) whose studies link warming cycles to LaNina activity. Weather founder, meteorologist John Coleman, refers to global warming as a complete hoax.

If the Jeanne Johnsons call these people shills, what should we call scientists that accept millions in grants from a global-warming-pushing government and proceed doing studies that agree with the government?

Pryce Score

Kensington, MN