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Time to start mending fences

To the editor:

This morning I was watching MSNBC for about an hour and I’m more convinced now than ever that as bad as Obamacare appears to a lot of people, including me, that maybe, just maybe, this might be the one thing that gets this country working together to solve a problem rather than fighting all the time.

Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, was very adamant about telling everyone that Obama’s got a big problem convincing the public that he’s right about the Affordable Health Care Act.

This may just be the time when we all take a step back and ask ourselves, what can we do as a team to fix our health care problem? There is no doubt we have a problem, but it is not going to get fixed by fighting.

I don’t know how we can back up and start over to include everyone in the planning, but that seems like the only way it’s going to get fixed.

Joe Scarborough indicated that he believes the Republicans have a legitimate reason to complain, but I’m thinking that this is not the time for Republicans to taunt the DFL because that only drives the dividing stake deeper between us. We are always going to have differences on ways to reach our goal, but just maybe, this is the time to start mending fences.

Jim Korkowski Alexandria, MN