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Better leadership should be demanded

To the editor:

Earlier this month, Governor Dayton joined Republicans and Democrats in calling for the president to honor his promise that if you liked your health insurance before Obamacare, you could keep it. That step taken by our governor was the right one. This week, however, our governor has changed his mind.

This unilateral decision by Governor Dayton means that 140,000 Minnesotans will lose their current health insurance or experience a drastic increase to their insurance costs.

This action taken by Governor Dayton is very disappointing to Minnesotans. We need common sense solutions combined with strong leadership. Our governor continues to flip-flop on Minnesota’s most important issues.

Governor Dayton promised to tax only the rich, allow people to keep their insurance policies, and repeal the farm implement repair tax during the special session. Then he does the opposite.

Minnesotans should demand better leadership in St. Paul.

State Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen,

District 8

Alexandria, MN