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Puzzled about veteran’s expectations

To the editor:

Thank you for the editorial on veterans benefits that go unused (Echo Press, November 15, 2013). The letter from the veteran who was bemoaning the fact that many local restaurants did not offer Veterans Day promotions or discounts was somewhat puzzling to me.

The veteran did not mention the many benefits he is afforded just through the V.A. alone. These include employment and education opportunities, the tax credits mentioned in the editorial and one of the biggest benefits of all: health care; just to name a few and these benefits are all free to the vet. Come on, man, lighten up!

The local restaurants you mentioned in your letter are for the most part owned by local people who employ local staff. They provide good food and good service; all at a fair price. The dollars we spend here stay in our community.

I suspect many area veterans visit these local restaurants and don’t expect a discount. Come on, man!

Michael Davis, veteran, U.S. Navy Alexandria, MN