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Dayton should shoulder responsibility for MNsure

To the editor:

Only six months ago, Governor Mark Dayton signed into law MNsure, the Minnesota version of Obamacare, falling in lockstep with the failing healthcare scheme of President Obama.

It is obvious that Dayton failed to read the bill he signed, as he is now saying the program isn’t working and the number of Minnesotans adversely impacted by the federal law is “staggering.”

Although Dayton has spent more than $150 Million of our money, hardly any Minnesotans have been able to complete enrollment and pay for new coverage. At least 145,000 Minnesotans have received letters cancelling their health insurance coverage. At least another 250,000 Minnesota families will be forced to give up policies they like, with doctors and services they like, and will be forced into more expensive plans they don’t need.

When a reporter asked Dayton about a 56-year-old man being forced by Obamacare to pay for maternity care for himself, Dayton replied, “It defies common sense.”

Though Dayton is trying to distance himself from Obama’s plummeting approval ratings, when Dayton says he “has little influence as governor,” he hides behind the excuse, “the president says that if they like their present policies, they can keep the policy.”

I think Dayton should look at the governor job description. Nobody forced him to sign MNsure into law and force millions of Minnesotans to change their policies. No Republican voted for Obamacare - none. Dayton foisted Obamacare on Minnesotans. He should shoulder responsibility for forcing Obamacare on us through MNsure.

Bill Schulz Fergus Falls, MN