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To the editor:

Last weekend, I saw an advertisement on TV that Applebee’s was donating a free meal to veterans on Veterans Day. What a gift, I thought to myself, to give something so little, in honor of veterans that had given so much. Being that we don’t currently have an Applebee’s in Alexandria, on Monday I proceeded to call and ask 10 different Alexandria restaurants what kind of promotion they were offering for veterans with a valid military I.D. My results were somewhat shocking:

10. Traveler’s Restaurant – no promotion/discount

9. Angelina’s Restaurant – no promotion/discount

8. Fat Daddy’s – no promotion/discount

7. Zorbaz – no promotion/discount

6. Depot – no promotion/discount

5. Bella’s on Broadway – no promotion/discount

4. Raaper’s Eatery and Ale – no promotion/discount

3. Weston Station – no promotion/discount

2. Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill – 1 free dessert

1. D Michael B’s Resort Bar-Grill – 50 percent off meal

Guess which restaurant got, and will continue to get, my $55 tab? I thought we were better than this, Alexandria.

David Boike, USMC,  Iraq War veteran

Alexandria, MN