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Why no stoplight at 4th and Broadway?

To the editor:

It has been said that Broadway Street in Alexandria will be narrowed by seven feet, or about one car width. This amount is supposed to be added to the sidewalk on the west side. My question is: Why? Some say it is so bikers can push their bike safely down Broadway sidewalks.

It was my understanding that the bike path was to be on side streets of Broadway (Fillmore and Hawthorne). Also, that bike racks would be placed on side-street corners for their use, to shop downtown.

The argument is that narrowing Broadway would slow traffic, making downtown safer. What about those trying to get out of cars, trying to park, and putting items in or out of vehicles? Even now, with streets as wide as they are, it is dangerous to get in and out of cars.

Does it not make sense to put a stoplight at 4th and Broadway? If safety and slowing traffic make sense, why not a stoplight? I was told cost would be around $200,000. If it saves one life, is it not worth it? I do believe a stoplight is needed here for slowing traffic and safety of pedestrians.

Everyone on this project should have to drive a full-size truck or a semi on Broadway. Then maybe they would understand just how much we need the wider streets that we have now.

Perhaps we should give up some of the beautification money in favor of a stoplight at 4th and Broadway. If you agree, please talk to project coordinators and council members before it’s too late. Do we want to look back and ask why? Please be open-minded and ask more questions. Does everything in this project make sense, or can it be done right from the start?

Judy Collins Alexandria, MN